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The secret to staying motivated as an overly exhausted mom

A major part of exhaustion is being unable to find ways to stay motivated when the exhaustion feels out of our control. This isn’t just about making it through one day, but staying motivated for the days and weeks ahead.

If you are the mom that stays home with her children or works outside of the home, as well as being the primary one who does the cooking and cleaning; then the exhaustion can seem paralyzing at times.


The reason we can’t find our motivation to get through the day is not just because we are tired, but it’s also because we have to balance so many roles. It almost seems impossible at times, but somehow we manage to get it done.


But at what expense?

When you feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities as a working or stay at home mom, then you probably are trying to take on too much, and this is causing your exhaustion. But Sometimes we don’t have a choice, things need to get done and you may be the only one that can do them.


We all want to believe that we can multitask; but the truth is, if you are overly exhausted then it’s time to admit that this is not the case – especially when it comes to raising children. You may think that you can do it all, but instead we need to find little things through out the day that help fill our cup up too instead of everyone else’s. Because if we don’t take care of ourselves, how are we expected to care for others?


If you start to feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities, then it is time to find creative ways that help you stay motivated as a working or stay at home mom. .

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Pushing through the exhaustion can be detrimental to our health

We need to stop glorifying the idea of overworking or pushing through the exhaustion. If we don’t take care of ourselves first then how are we supposed to be there for others?


You may think that staying at home or working outside the home is going to give you an escape from the pressures and responsibilities of life, but it only adds on another full time job.


Pushing through exhaustion means that your body is not getting the opportunity to recover. It may be tempting to put in extra hours at work or stay up late working, but this will make you feel terribly exhausted – let’s look at some of the downsides of pushing yourself when you’re feeling tired.


Electrolytes can get dangerously low due to lack of sleep and chronic stress over long periods without rest, this can lead to mood instability and physical deterioration.


If we think about it for a moment, fatigue leads many people to feel cranky or just plain irritable, which also affects family life pretty drastically. Low energy levels forces us into an autopilot mode because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to keep our attention on the task ahead.


Instead of this idea of “powering through” until you are on the brink of a meltdown, let’s find little ways to relieve some stress throughout the day so it doesn’t build up and cause even more tension.


Ways to feel more motivated & less exhausted


1- Exercise outside with your kids 

The fresh air will do you both good. It may not seem to be the most productive, but it will be fun! Exercise is important so why not get some vitamin D while your at it, the kids will love it!

2- Take a break from parenting

Let someone else do it for a while. Sometimes this isn’t possible but if it is, take the break! Even if it’s just for an hour. That hour may be just what you need to recharge. 

3- Spend time together with your spouse or partner

This will allow you to recharge after the kids go to bed. For some, this is the only time you get to spend together so it can be some really important quality time. 

4- Schedule some “me” time

Even if it’s just 15 minutes to read a book, go on social media, or even sit in a dark room to regroup (overstimulation can make you feel run down, and it happens to adults too). Sometimes 15 minutes is all it takes.

5- Get away from home for an hour each day

Take a walk around the block, go to the grocery store, the park etc. Sometimes getting out of the house can really change your mindset. (It almost always does for me!)

6- Make sure you get enough sleep

This is so important so that you’re able to function as well as possible during the day. This isn’t always possible with little ones that wake up throughout the night, but try to alter your schedule to get to bed a bit earlier. 

7- Ask for help if you need it 

Be honest with your spouse, children, mom or whoever that you need some relief once in a while. It can be incredibly important for your mental health to even start talking about it. 

8- Find “10 things” to do during the day

These don’t need to take up too much time out of your schedule, but will always make you feel like you accomplished something at the end of the day.  This could be something as simple as putting on a cute outfit that makes you feel good, or maybe getting in a 10 minute workout while the kids play.

9- Find the right people

You need to lean on when you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we need help, so find a support network that will encourage you, as well as listen to your frustrations with grace and understanding.

10- Look at the big picture

 Think about your goals and what you are trying to accomplish. This may be the same as when you were younger, and it can help remind yourself that too much of anything is not healthy, so try to find balance.

11- Think about your purpose

Do you remember your purpose is for what you are doing what do you hope to accomplish? When we think of our end goal, then sometimes we can get re-group and take back control of the thing we though we had lost.

12- Exercise

This can be a great way to relieve stress – so go for a walk, run or even do some quick stretches.

13- Get outside and breathe fresh air

Get some vitamin D – it’s cleansing! Take the kids with you and get them involved in nature while you take a break from household chores. Even if its only for 10 minutes, it can really do the mind wonders.

14- Don’t expect perfection

This mentality is playing a leading role in your exhaustion. If you expect too much, you will always be disappointed. Everything isn’t always going to be exactly how you want it. When you learn to accept this, it really does feel like a weight has been lifted.

15- And lastly, be gentle on yourself

You are not a machine. We can’t do it all and this is okay. You aren’t alone in your struggle with being overwhelmed as an overly exhausted mom, but if we take breaks when we need them and ask for help; then we can stay happy and motivated.

It’s exhausting to be a mom but there are things we can do to change our mindset

Motherhood is exhausting, especially if we are working mothers and have the added responsibility of juggling work, home life, kids, errands – it can feel like there is never enough time in the day for anything! But just because you might not have all the time or energy doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your goals.


A few extra tips I have learned along the way:

Create realistic expectations before setting out everyday; don’t expect perfection – this will only make everything seem more difficult than it needs to be

Find ways to take care of yourself so that you’re more energized during the day and make sure to treat yourself kindly, you are doing the best you can! Thats all that anyone can ask for.

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