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Stocking Stuffers For 2 Year Olds


Stocking stuffers are fun for toddlers & don’t have to break the bank!


Stocking stuffers may be one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I could honestly do away with the gifts and only exchange stocking stuffers. And you know what? It’s a whole lot cheaper.


Toddlers are such a fun age to buy for because they don’t know the difference between a $10 gift or a $200 gift. So buying fun stocking stuffers for your 2 year old is a great way to do Christmas on a budget!


I remember growing up, I would wake up on Christmas morning and be SO EXCITED to dig into my stocking. There is just something about the tiny gifts and trinkets that I loved so much!


I’ve always been someone that enjoys watching others open their gifts, instead of opening my own. That is what makes this year so special, I finally get to buy stocking stuffers for our 2 year old and watch his face light up as he opens them!


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stocking stuffers for toddlers


Stocking stuffers for 2 year olds (on a budget)

1- Coloring pad

coloring book for toddler stockings
Our toddler has recently discovered that he loves to color, this coloring pad is a perfect stocking stuffer for a 2 year old. It will help them develop the skills to color in the lines (eventually), it will be a lot of scribbling at first. This will keep them occupied for long car rides, going out to eat, etc… It’s great for taking on the go if you are in need of some screen free entertainment.

2- Crayons

crayons for toddler stockings
They will need some crayons to go with their coloring pad. I like these triangle crayons because they are larger and great for tiny hands. They are also harder to break in half since they are larger. I like the twist crayons for older kids, but they are a lot longer and seem to be more difficult for little hands to hold onto. Another great inexpensive stocking stuffer for your toddler that you can always use more of!

3- Sensory set

sensory toys for toddler stockings
These Sensory fidget toys look so fun! I love finding sensory toys for our son, as they help with brain development and keep them busier for longer! These are great for on the go, you can take a few with you or all of them. This would also be a great stress relief gift for an adult as well.

4- Water beads ( My favorite stocking stuffer for 2 year olds!)

water beads for toddler stockings
Water beads are a favorite in our house, another great sensory activity. You just soak them in water and they turn into squishy, jelly-like beads. I like these colors because they resemble water. We like to pretend the water beads are the ocean and I like to add these critters in the beads for my son to “rescue”. Such a fun stocking stuffer for your 2 year old that you can use in so many different ways.


5- Water bottle

water bottle for toddler stockings
This is more of a practical gift but still a great stocking stuffer for your toddler! This insulated, stainless steel water bottle comes in multiple colors and fun themes. Always a great way to make drinking water more fun!


6- Mini puzzles

board blocks for toddler stockings
These geometric board block are so cute and are a great educational stocking stuffer for your 2 year old. These are a great way to learn new stacking skills, as well as shapes and colors. Our toddler loves this and it will keep him occupied for a good 20-30minutes!


7- Bath crayons

bath crayons for toddler stockings
Bath crayons are so fun! I wish they had these when I was a kid. Our son used to hate bath time until we discovered these, now he looks forward to it! This is a great inexpensive stocking stuffer that your kids will love!


8- Wooden puzzles

These wooden puzzles are really cute and a great activity for developing fine motor skills. These are perfect for introducing puzzles because there is only a few pieces which makes it less overwhelming for toddlers.  They are small enough that you could throw them in the diaper bag for entertainment on the go!


9- Kids paint

kids paint for toddler stockings
2 year old’s LOVE to paint! It can definitely be very messy so it may not be for everyone but its such a fun way for them to express creativity and get a little messy, which toddlers love. Getting messy is also so important for development. A very fun, inexpensive stocking stuffer for toddlers.


10- Mini board books

board book for toddler stockings

board book for toddler stockings
You can never have to0 many books (in my opinion), and these small board books are perfect for traveling or any sort of outing. Their size make them a perfect for stockings!


11- Stickers

stickers for toddler stockings
I don’t know about yours, but our 2 year old loves stickers. He mostly sticks them on himself, but it entertains him for quite some time so I have no problem with it. I thought these would be fun because you can fill in the animals face with the different features, instead of sticking them on himself. Another fun, inexpensive stocking stuffer!


12- Socks

socks for toddler stockings
Socks may not be the most exciting thing to receive, but I feel like it is a right of passage to get socks in your stocking. Anyone else?  These socks are soft and cozy for winter, and come in lots of colors. You can never have to many socks!


13- Water dinosaur

water dinosaurs for toddler stockings
These water growing dinosaurs are so fun! Just put them in some water and watch them magically grow. Your toddler will love getting these in their stocking. They are great for bath time, a day at the pool, or just a fun rainy day activity. Your 2 year old will love it!


14- Electric toothbrush

kids toothbrush for toddler stockings
Our toddler has never liked  brushing his teeth so I had this toothbrush recommended to us and its made a world of difference. It has a light vibrating motion and a 2 minute timer so it shuts off when it’s time to stop brushing. He thinks it’s so fun and actually enjoys brushing his teeth. A great, practical stocking stuffer. Especially after all of the holiday treats!


15- Mini construction vehicles

These trucks are a great inexpensive stocking stuffer for 2 year old boys. They are great for taking on the go, to parks, restaurants, or trips and your son will love them!

Stocking stuffers are a fun way to do gifts for your 2 year old without breaking the bank.