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What To Buy (or not) When Expecting A Second Baby

What you need & don’t need for a second baby


If you are expecting a second baby, Congratulations! I’m sure this is such an exciting time for your growing family.


You probably have so many things going through your mind, & have a lot of unanswered questions about welcoming baby #2 into the world.


There were so many things that went through my mind after finding out we had a second baby on the way. But to be honest, the last thing I was thinking about was what I would need to buy this time around.


That is one of the first things I focused on with my first pregnancy. Things are different now; I already have a baby, so I figured I didn’t need to purchase much. 


In addition to things I will need to compile for baby #2, I was much more focused on what I would need for MYSELF this time around. 


Might sound selfish, but I wish I had taken better care of myself when I had my first baby. 


While you are a seasoned parent now and most likely are excited to use the knowledge you gained with your first. 


That doesn’t mean there isn’t knowledge to learn about having two little ones, and the essentials to make your life easier.


It can also be confusing deciding what you can reuse and what you will want to purchase new when you have a second baby on the way. 


The checklist’s I compiled  consist of; Postpartum supplies for myself, Things to make your life easier with a newborn & toddler in tow, and Items I can reuse & items to purchase for baby number two. 


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Items to purchase for mom & baby for #2


You should still create a registry when expecting a second baby


Even if you don’t plan to have another baby shower, I recommend creating an Amazon baby registry


If you start this in the first or second trimester, it will help keep a visual checklist of the things you need to purchase or baby #2. Some of those items might be eligible for a discount as well once your due date has passed.


So, what do YOU need before and after baby number two arrives?


I didn’t prepare or take care of myself very well before or after I had my first baby. That is something I made sure NOT to do the second time around. 


It is even more important when you are expecting a second baby, because you are in charge of TWO little ones now instead of one. 


There are a few things I did to help make my life a little easier before and after baby arrives: 


  • Get a prenatal massage (or a few). I had no idea what I was missing until I was gifted a prenatal massage, they are truly life changing. You are growing a human life, you deserve it. If this isn’t something your budget allows, have your partner do it!
  • Spend as much time with your first little one as possible. You will only have one baby for a little while longer. Make sure to soak up that time as much as you can.
  • Put together a postpartum essentials kit in each bathroom. Trust me, you will thank yourself later. 
  • If you plan to nurse, keep a basket wherever you plan to nurse the most with all the essentials you will need
  • Have a meal kit delivery service scheduled for after baby arrives, or prepare some freezer meals for when you get home from the hospital. 
  • Have your house deep cleaned before you leave for the hospital, or have your partner do it. 
  • Have activities prepared for your first child, so they have something exciting to do while you are recovering. 
  • If you have family around, see if they can help you with your other little one so you can get some one on one time with your new baby. 


Doing all of these things, or even a few will make your life much easier when you are home recovering. This way you can keep trips to the store to a minimum and spend more time snuggling your new baby. 


So what are the must-have items when expecting a second baby?


Before I talk about what to purchase or reuse for baby #2 there are some things to consider. The age difference between your kids may determine how much you need to buy new. 


Clothes/blankets can age over time, and some may have gotten rid of more items than others. Each family is different so it’s important to do what is best for yours.


Items to repurchase for baby number two:


  • Diaper & wipes– This is an obvious one, but I ended up forgetting until the last moment.
  • Pacifiers– You will definitely want to purchase these new. They can grow bacteria over time.
  • Burp Cloths
  • Plastic Bottles/Nipples– These can grow bacteria over time so it is best to repurchase new ones.
  • Pump Parts– The actual pump you can reuse but make sure to purchase new parts as they are prone to bacteria growth as well.
  • Swaddles– You can reuse old swaddles, but I find it nice to have new ones because they can become dingy over time with spit-up ect..


Things I purchased For baby #2 that I didn’t for baby #1 (These will make your life easier when taking care of two kids, especially if one is a toddler)

  • Pack & Play– This is nice to have for a safe place to set baby once they become mobile, or to keep your toddler away from baby every once in a while.
  • Baby SwingI didn’t have a swing with my first but it has been a godsend for my second. It is one of the only things he will sit in if I need to get some things done or take care of my toddler.
  • Baby LoungerI love this for the newborn stage. My baby loved laying in this during the day, It makes them feel like they are still being held by mom. 
  • Baby Carrier– This has been the single most important item i ordered for baby #2. Babies like to be held and this allows you to hold them while still being hands free. This one is my favorite for newborn-12 months


Things you can reuse for baby #2:


These are items you will want to check the expiration for if you are planning to reuse:


Expecting a second baby should be fun

There is nothing more exciting then welcoming another little one into your family! This process should be fun and not overwhelming. At least you know what to expect this time when bringing baby #2 into the world.


I hope these simple checklist’s help bring you a bit of relief that planning for your second babe is fairly easy and there are quite a few tools to help make your journey with two babies in tow a little less stressful.


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