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Natural medicine cabinet essentials when traveling with kids

I have become very picky about the things I put in and on my kids bodies after learning how horrible a lot of the ingredients that are in our everyday products, especially for kids! I find it especially important to pack my natural medicine cabinet essentials when traveling with my kids. Most of them are pretty hard pressed to find in a pinch, and it’s just easier to already have them on hand in the case of an emergency. 

Providing natural medicine and supplements for your kids can seem like a daunting task at first, it was for me. By simply replacing one new product at a time once you run out will seem a lot less overwhelming. And before you know it you will have everything replaced, and can feel good about what you are giving your kids.


These are all products that you can purchase and not have to worry about making your own tincture or essential oil blend. I know for myself at least, Im busy and prefer to have things at my finger tips and readily available rather than making it myself. Call me lazy? maybe. This is just what works for me and my family right now. 

I am no expert, BUT I have put a lot of time and effort into finding the best products for my little guys. And hopefully took some of the guess work out if you are looking to spruce up your kids medicine cabinet essentials for traveling, and for home. 

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All Natural medicine for kids 


Natural medicine cabinet essentials for traveling with kids:


Genexa acetaminophen: This pain relief alternative is free of dyes, parabens, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. I always have this on hand. Tylenol or motrin works great in a pinch too but make sure to try and find the dye free option. 

Genexa Kids cough & chest congestion: A great natural cough medicine without all the fillers, artificial sweeteners and dyes. Nice to have on hand in the case of an emergency. 

Genexa allergy relief: Allergy meds are always a good thing to travel with. Especially with eating out and trying new foods and being in different environments. Just like the ones above, this one is free of all the extra junk and is sweetened with agave. 


Mary Ruth’s probiotic drops: These are great for adults and kids. They are water based, don’t taste like anything and definitely pack a punch. My toddler gladly takes his probiotics everyday. These are great while traveling because they help support the gut and immune system. 

Mary Ruth’s probiotics drops for infants: These are a great option for infants. They are similar to the ones I listed above but formulated for smaller tummies. I either add them to his bottles or give them to him directly. 

Wellements vitamin D drops: I always have these on hand for my infant and toddler. Most kids and infants need to supplement vitamin D, talk to your pediatrician. 

Mary Ruth’s liquid zinc: The whole family takes this, especially while traveling. It helps protect and boost the immune system. 

Mary Ruth’s vitamin C liquid drops: We bring this for our toddler and he loves it. Its great for keeping the immune system up while traveling. All of Mary Ruth’s products are amazing and formulated with a lot of though in mind. 

Re-lyte electrolyte powder: We can never seem to get enough water in while traveling so I find it essential to bring an electrolyte supplement with us. We like this one because the ingredients are transparent, there is no added sugar and it tastes great!

While I am an advocate for supplements while traveling and when needed at home. There are also really great ways you can boost your kids immune systems naturally, especially before school starts!


Non-medicine essentials for travel:

Active skin repair: This stuff is seriously a life saver. It is an all-in-one, completely natural first-aid healing spray. This will replace a lot of things in a traditional first-aid kit. You can use it on cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, sunburns, or any kind of skin irritation. This stuff really works wonders, clears things up amazingly fast and has nothing toxic in it. They also have a kids version and a baby version. 

All of the active skin repairs products are amazing! 

Some others we always have on hand are:

First aid burn hydrogel

Active antimicrobial hydrogel

Badger Sunscreen: Most sunscreens are filled with toxic chemicals which isn’t doing you any good when trying to protect yourself from the sun. Badger’s is made with zinc oxide and minimal ingredients which don’t include any chemicals. You can truly feel good about applying this on your little ones. 

Thinkbaby sunscreen: This is another highly rated sunscreen for babies and toddlers. I like to use this one for the face because it is easier to apply then the badger’s. They are both made with transparent ingredients you can trust!

Badgers After sun balm: This is another Badger’s product that I can’t rave about enough. It is amazing at soothing sunburns and helping them heal quickly. It absorbs into the skin quickly so it’s not trapping the heat on the skin. It always makes peeling and blistering so much more mild. It is also great to apply after being in the sun all day even if you don’t burn, it feels great on the skin. The whole family uses this.

Puracy natural baby wash and shampo:This is what I use for my toddler and infant. It smells good, is made with natural ingredients and gets the job done. I use this for shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath sometimes. 

Baby & toddler nail clippers: Its always a good idea to being nail clippers along just in case!

Nasal apirator: You never know when your little one might get a stuffy nose or just the occasional booger. The Frida baby one is the best I have found!

When traveling we always keep a first aid kit in out car just in case. You can never be to0 careful with kids around and this ones has everything you could possibly think of. Its small and compact and will fit nicely in the glove compartment. 


Take the guess work out of providing natural medicine and supplements for traveling with kids

This may seem like a lot to travel with but i’ll tell you what, I have never had more peace of mind then when I have all of this packed with me. You may not use all of them, but its better to be prepared than to be scrambling to find the nearest grocery store to find what you need. 


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