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10 Things busy moms need to know


If you have been a mom for any amount of time i’m sure you also feel like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. I always seem to be racing the clock. This can become incredibly frustrating when you also want to spend some time with your family and not worry about your ongoing to-do list.

These tip’s for busy mom’s will help you keep your day more organized and approachable so you can get more done while also spending time with your family.

I am a busy mom. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the day-to-day tasks of parenting, running errands, and balancing work. But I also know that there is hope! 


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Tips for busy moms:


1-Make a to-do list the night before

 This allows you to stay on track the next day. Keep it manageable so you are not discouraged if you do not complete everything. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy checking things off of a list? It’s so satisfying!  

2-Don’t try to do it all

 Nobody can. It’s not possible. So, don’t get caught up in the need to keep your child’s life perfect. You are human and there will always be something that falls through the cracks or is forgotten about until the last minute or never actually gets finished. Let it go and move on. Seriously, the more you are hung up on it- the more it is going to ruin your day (and it’s just not worth that!)

3-Everything does not have to be perfect

 Does the laundry need folding?  Is there plastic on the floor under the high chair?  Does it really matter if it stays there for another day?   Trying to keep everything clean, tidy, and put away will drive you crazy!  As long as your family is safe, healthy & happy, what else really matters?

4-Slow down

 I know this seems hard when you have a million and one things to do but take the time to be present in each moment. When you are reading your 2 year old the third book before nap time, try to be present with him instead of thinking about what’s next on your to-do list. Those moments are precious and time that you should savor.

5-Set realistic goals

 Don’t get caught up in conforming to other people’s standards of living. Who cares if you don’t have a spotless house, the best toys, or go to every play date and birthday party? This life is for you and your children so make sure you are enjoying it. Find ways to do what matters most first.

6-Say no

 We often feel like we need to say yes to every playdate or family gathering but it’s okay to say no sometimes. When we stretch ourselves too thin, we feel like a failure and that just adds to the stress. Sometimes staying home and having a low key day is just what the doctor ordered. You don’t need to constantly have activities planned for your kids.  (This leads me into my next point)

7-Keep the activities to a minimum

 As moms we always feel like we need to enroll our kids in every activity because thats what other moms do and it seems like the right thing. Too many structured activities is actually not great for kids. Kids learn through play and when there is too much structure in their day, this can actually do more harm than good. A few activities is okay, but make sure they have plenty of unstructured play time at home. This creates less pressure on ourselves to be places on time and more time at home spent with your kids. It’s a win-win.

8-Make you a priority

 It’s okay to do something just for you! Yes, it is possible! You deserve it. Don’t feel guilty that you took an afternoon off or that you didn’t see every second of your kids’ recital. Say yes to dinners out with friends or a nightly bubble bath after the kids are in bed. These things are a necessity for you to stay sane and they will also make your kids better people. They need to see that moms need breaks too!

9-No comparing

This is so important. Don’t compare your life to others or feel bad that you aren’t more successful. We all have different things that are most important in our lives and when we realize this, the grass really does look greener on the other side!

10-Take a deep breath

 (literally) It will help your body slow down and bring you back to the present moment. When we are so busy juggling day-to-day tasks, sometimes we need to take a minute and appreciate the day and remember to breathe. You will get through this!

Being a busy mom is hard- let’s make it a little easier

You are doing an amazing job and your kids love you! So, don’t feel stressed out all the time- enjoy this season of life.


We hope this article has helped you to find some tricks and tips for managing your day as a busy mom. There is no one-size-fits all solution, but we have tried to outline some of the best practices that seem to work well for us in our daily lives with kids. Hopefully these will be helpful for you too!

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